Southeast Ecology

Promoting Ecological and Environmental Literacy

Southeast Ecology is a company dedicated to promoting environmental and ecological literacy in the southeastern United States. The driving force behind everything we do is a passion for the natural world and a heartfelt desire to help people understand it more fully. We are a resource for hobbyists, students, and professionals seeking reliable information about the region’s natural history.

A male fiddler crab on Jekyll Island’s Sharktooth Beach

Southeast Ecology on Social Media

Given that education and advocacy are at the heart of Southeast Ecology, we value the ability to share information using social media. In fact, we’re often more active on our various social platforms than we are here, because they have a greater reach. If you’re looking for new material and don’t see it in our blog or one of our other pages, try checking out one of the profiles linked below:

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Who’s Behind Southeast Ecology?

Southeast Ecology is owned and operated by me, Dr. Norman Leonard, a conservation biologist and environmental educator whose very most favorite thing ever is talking with other people about nature. I’m trained in ecology (BS in Ecology from UGA) and conservation biology (Ph.D. in Conservation Biology from UNO), I’m an avocational organic gardener, a fitness enthusiasts, and an avid reader. I also dabble in photography and guitar. I started Southeast Ecology in 2012 while I was a college instructor at UNG and doing talks for groups as a side gig.