Southeast Ecology

Promoting Ecological and Environmental Literacy

Southeast Ecology is a company with offices in Dahlonega, GA and St. Simons Island, GA that is dedicated to promoting environmental and ecological literacy in the southeastern United States. The driving force behind everything we do is a passion for the natural world and a heartfelt desire to help people understand the natural world more fully. We are a resource for hobbyists, students, and professionals seeking reliable information about the region’s natural history. All of the information we publish is available at no charge, and we ask only that you provide attribution if you use materials that you found on one of our pages.

Writing for an audience that includes novices and professionals alike is no small task, and it would be easy to fail miserably at our mission without a template to guide our efforts. Consequently, everything we publish progresses through three levels of detail that can be summarized as “Why should I care?,” “low-level technical,” and “high-level technical.” The first tier is exactly what sounds like. It provides the most basic information about why a topic is relevant to a discussion of ecological or environmental issues in the southeastern US. Then, if you want to know more, you can read some more detailed information in the low-level section. The high-level section, which is not always complete due to the limits of our training, is for professionals. This progression underlies the information presented throughout the site, whether you are viewing our Natural History Profiles, Current Events blog posts, Issues-Based Fact Sheets, or any of the information we publish.